Saturday 01st October 2022,
My Sick Ride

Will you look at the tail on that sweet thing!


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Well, I was just minding my own business… That’s how things usually go in Los Angeles!

But really, I was at Autozone getting new valve stem covers (someone keeps stealing my custom billet aluminum ones!) and on the way out I saw the sweetest, red Buick Riviera I’ve had the pleasure of seeing in years! Of course I tried to catch up to it but lost her at a red light.

That was that, but by shear luck I pulled into a gas station and there she was in all her glory, pearlescent red paint glistening! I went up to my new buddy George and introduced my self and he was kind enough not to shoot me for oggling his beauty and actually let me have a look inside – perfect custom interior!

Turns out the car is for sale at a great price! If I hadn’t just spent my money on building two new web sites she would be sitting in my garage getting attention every weekend! Let me know if any of you are interested and I can introduce you (if you buy it maybe you’ll take me for a spin!)

He also told me that The Coachmen host a great car meet in Newbury Park California on the 1st Saturday of each month. “One of the best organized Cruise-In’s around.” Each car gets a free raffle ticket and a discount coupon for one of the many restaurants surrounding the cars, how cool is that!

OK then, signing out for now, here are a few more pics of the Buick and George’s other cars – Enjoy!

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