Sunday 27th November 2022,
My Sick Ride

Think you can pick the best Ad?…


At we are serious about our rides, but the truth is like most of our fans we are serious about EVERYTHING we do! With that said, we thought we’d give you a small look into the serious business of our promotional ads on FaceBook.

A/B testing. Some of you might not know what that term means but in a nutshell, it’s like being at a Ford Mustang car show. You see the same two 1971 Mustangs but one is green and one is green with a skull logo on the hood. People vote on which one they like best and that is the winner!

For this one ad we ran  versions A (plain) and B (with skull) on FB and one did the best – can you guess which one? The one with the skull! We had 30% more people click on that ad and enter one of our contests.

So the next T-Shirt that we put out will most likely be green and with a skull, haha! So keep your eyes out for it and thanks for supporting our site =-)

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