Sunday 27th November 2022,
My Sick Ride



One of the great things about being part of the community is that we get to meet so many great and talented people with a passion for the automotive industry and culture.

This year we were lucky enough to interview and meet a new friend – Rich Skarda. He is a quiet and talented artist that loves muscle cars and although he is not used talking about himself he was kind enough to share his work and a little about himself.  Check out some of his work and the interview below: “Rich, how did you get into digital renderings of cool cars and scenic backgrounds? And how long have you been doing this?”

Rich: “I started my art 2 years ago when I became disabled from a broken back I sustained in a fall, thank GOD he gave me the ability to walk again. I have always been able to draw and then I purchased Paint Shop Pro 10 and just started making renderings of cars that I thought people would dream about owning and driving.” “Wow, that is pretty recent then.”

Rich: “Yes, and my first images are very crude but within the last months I have really come around. My work is finally getting to a state where I feel good about displaying it to the world and now to my good friends at” “We know your artwork now, tell us a bit more about you.”

Rich: “I’m a 55 year old man who is divorced and working hard at raising my boy and girl, Jarrett and Erin. I live in our home in the country near Creston, Iowa which is in the South Western part of Iowa. I really enjoy making my photo renderings and hope that I can bring joy to others by having an outlet like the Internet to share them with people. “You don’t have a website to sell your work – have you thought of selling your art or taking custom orders for peoples rides?”

Rich: “I do not make any money off of my photos, but I hope that someday people will start sending me their favorite pictures of their car and have me come up with my RSR (stands for Rich Skarda Racing) style of art of their car, suitable for them to frame and hopefully – to proudly display it in their homes. “Well Rich, we hope that this feature on your beautiful work gets you some clients that want custom and unique RSR style works of art from their car pictures! We will be sending you some pictures of our project cars to work on and will display them at our office and on our website and FaceBook fan page! Any closing words?”

Rich: “Thanks for all the support from my fans and thanks to my critics for pointing out things I am always striving to improve on. I hope you enjoyed my visit with you.”

Ok friends – here is the contact information for Rich Skarda in case you want him to take your favorite picture of your car and come up with a custom rendering for you!


Cell Phone: 641-202-3300

FaceBook Page:

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