Thursday 23rd September 2021,
My Sick Ride


my sick ride hotrods

While Los Angeles often gets bashed for this or that – for car and motorcycle enthusiasts, there is no denying that the almost year round gorgeous weather makes L.A. the perfect playground for the sickest rides in the world. On any given day, while going about your daily business, you are bound to run across anything from a Lamborghini to a ’69 Camaro to a Nissan GT-R Nismo. You can spot them on the freeway or at the supermarket.

Yes, we are lucky – being based in Los Angeles has so many random sightings of awesome cars that we don’t even have enough time to catalog all of them! That being said though – we wanted to share the past “Year-In-Cars” by posting some of our favorite random sightings. Hope you enjoy and please share some of your random sick ride sightings regardless of what city you are in on our FaceBook Fan Page. Enjoy!


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