Sunday 27th November 2022,
My Sick Ride



The team at prides themselves at reaching out and meeting crews from all corners of the world and with all kinds of sick rides. This time our hours of web surfing checking out rides (from hardcore muscle cars that rattle your teeth when they rev – to super-tuned imports so fast that you’d think the paint would melt!) turned up a new website to drool over – JADECREW.COM.  Here is what Ben Duen had to tell us about their crew – enjoy and make sure to check out their site and say hey.

Jade Motorsports. Can’t believe it all started by chit chatting w friends at a mall food court over a decade ago. It’s been an unbelievable ride so far and no sign of slowing down.

I don’t know what I am most proud of. From our Jade logos and t-shirts being sold to the general public at area malls, to enough magazine/newspaper Jade features to create a book about Jade, to working with famous directors and actors in blockbuster movies (2Fast 2Furious and Fast Five), to being featured on numerous tv shows and dvd’s, to the amount of awards and titles we’ve won as a crew.

Of course on top of that there is also having our cars shipped overseas and displayed – to the Japanese kids reading about US in THEIR magazines in Japan!  AND having Jade cars being the pace cars at Sebring, partnering w multi million dollar companies having us represent their brands and products, having Universal Studios showcase our cars at their theme parks, Jade members branching out and actually being employed and  associated by the same companies and magazines we used to drool over!

Add to that having a company like Toyota/Scion give us a car and funds to mod out “Jade Style” for SEMA, having our cars licensed for a XBOX/PS3 video game (Juiced 2) – and most importantly, having the majority of the original Jade Crew still hanging together after over 14 plus years.

It truly is amazing what we’ve accomplished as a Crew while still working and elevating our own lives as well. I’m sure I’m leaving a ton of other highlights out but you get the damn point by now. Nobody would ever believe us if we told them that a bunch of snot nosed car freak kids hanging out in the parking lots and drag strips of Orlando, FL would amount to what we’ve become –

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