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JOHNNY LOVE & INJIN PHOTOGRAPHY! Beautiful cars; beautiful models!

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The car club and family has always introduced us to so many wonderful new people and among them we are lucky to count our new friend and awesome photographer – Johnny Love!

Johnny is a talented 24 year old from Westminster, California. He told us he has always had an interest in photography as well as all things car related. “I have been taking pictures for over 6 years, but I stopped for about 2-1/2 years for school at the University of New Mexico where I majored in Pharmacy (no where near Photography!)

When we asked him how he learned the awesome skills he shows in his work, he said “I am self-taught from trial and error, and help from seasoned photographers that have mentored me with their years of experience.” This is evident in these pictures from his latest car show and from a photo shoot he did with his models featuring the latest fashions from our online shop at:

Johnny is hoping that after this Spring in 2014 he will have his BS degree and be on his next steps to Pharmacy school. During his time off he says he will do as much traveling as possible to meet new photographers, learn new techniques, and get to see the world through his eyes so he can capture it’s images and share them with everyone.

His biggest break has yet to come but he hopes to become an accomplished and well known photographer for a car magazine or modeling magazine in his free time from the pharmaceutical industry. Hope you enjoy these pictures from the latest show Johnny was at:

We wish you well Johnny and look forward to seeing more of your wonderful work!

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You can reach Johnny at Injin Photography via email at – tell him GP from says hello!


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