Sunday 27th November 2022,
My Sick Ride

1967 CADILLAC SUPERIOR THREE-WAY HEARSE – Interview with Deb Dawson


Today we’d like to introduce you to Deb Dawson. Deb is the Owner/Baker of Desserts To Die For, a dessert catering business and Food Truck. She bakes delicious rustic desserts and sell them out of her Food Truck… What the heck does this have to do with My Sick Ride you ask?

Plenty! Because she does business out of what she calls “The Dessert Hearse”, a 1967 Cadillac Superior Three-Way Hearse. Now that is one sick ride! This time, in the true sense of the word though – she needs some help =-(

She recently retired from the U.S Postal Service after 33 years, and is now doing what she loves the most, baking! She bakes delicious desserts from locally sourced fruits and nuts (a lot from her own hood in Ventura Ca.) She says one of her favorite memories growing up in the San Fernando Valley was hearing that familiar toot toot of the Helm’s Bakery Truck as it rolled down the street. Years before food trucks exploded on the scene, she imagined the Hearse as a kind of spooky version of the old yellow paneled Helm’s Truck, delivering rustic pastries out of the back.

After a lot of hard work, the Dessert Hearse vision became a reality, and she is now a licensed Bakery Food Truck, spreading joy with delicious baked goods!  Unfortunately, since the car is 47 years old, it is beginning to fall into serious disrepair. If she doesn’t give her some serious love and repair soon, we are afraid the Sessert Hearse will basically rust into the ground. No more Desserts To Die For, no more joy of seeing the Dessert Hearse roll up dispensing rustic pastry goodness, no more dreams come true.

Deb realizes there are other modes of transportation, but she’s  had her Hearse for thirteen years; as well as being a rare and classic 1967 Cadillac Superior Royal Sovereign Three-Way Hearse, she is a part of Deb.

That brings us to why we are helping her with this article. She needs your help to keep her ride intact and to keep Desserts To Die For and the Dessert Hearse dream alive.

She has overcome all obstacles so far, permits, insurance, etc. With the help of friends, Deb re-covered the whole inside of the Hearse to a wipe-able surface, to obtain the last permit she needed to convert the car into a Bakery Food Truck. She overcame her obstacles by staying patient, doing the footwork, and never giving up.

Deb started a KickStarter campaign for saving the Dessert Hearse and we are hoping you will watch her video and share, share, share! Thank you all, here is the link to her campaign:


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