Thursday 23rd September 2021,
My Sick Ride



A few weeks ago we were contacted by Marlon Mitchell over at Marlo’s Frame & Alignment. Marlon hits a lot of the Southern California auto enthusiast’s meets in and near the Los Angeles area and also owns one of the sickest Ford Mustangs we have seen in a long time! Long story – sort of short, he told us about the Conejo Valley Cars & Coffee car meet that happens every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month from 7am till 10am in front of the Bean Crazy coffee house in Thousand Oaks

Not being ones to miss out on a new venue we packed up early and headed out this past Saturday. It was a beautiful drive with no traffic and lots of open road to open up on. When we got there we were pleasantly surprised to find a wide assortment of cars already lined up… Ferrari – Porsche – Chevrolet – Ford – Dodge – Volkswagen… The list goes on! We’ve posted some pictures of our favorite rides of the day that we hope you’ll enjoy. You should definitely take the time to go out one Saturday…

And as long as you are going you should ask if Steve is there! Steve Low is the owner of Bean Crazy and a really nice down-to-earth guy who says he “won the Bean Crazy coffee house in a game of Poker!” We know there must be more to that story and we look forward to hearing about it at the next meet. Steve says Bean Crazy is about “local and quality.” They are surrounded by the coffee empires but they “…prize creating a simple, high-quality product. Our beans come from thirteen countries of origin, from three distinct regions across the globe.”

All of Bean Crazy’s coffee is 100% Arabica, imported as raw green beans.  And if you like coffee as much as you like cars you have come to the right place – they have over 25 specialty roasts, ranging from dark to light, all blended and roasted to perfection. Steve says they have the freshest coffee in the Conejo Valley area and have been around for 20 years! So come and try one of their six fresh-brewed coffees each day, taste the difference of fresh roasted coffee, and tell them sent you!


my sick ride bean crazy map

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