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My Sick Ride

Bobby Eidem’s Sick Ride – 1966 Pontiac GTO


Our friend Bobby Eidem sold his beautiful 1966 Pontiac GTO a while back and while we were happy for him and he still has some very sick rides… We were just a bit sad too. His loss, someone’s incredible gain! We will go into some of the history on the 1966 Pontiac GTO in general but first here are some of the details on Bobby’s particular ride along with some pictures. Gone but not forgotten!

Bobby Eidem’s Sick Ride – 1966 Pontiac GTO: “Very well documented car with ownership history and loads of receipts showed that this car had been well taken care of its entire life. This was an original equipped Hurst Shifter car with trunk emblem. Powered by a strong 400 cid engine topped by 3 two barrel carbs and cooled with an aluminum radiator with electric fans. Contemporary radio was professionally mounted in the glove box, and amplifier in the trunk. This car ran and drive well and was a strong and rust free ride with no issues”

1966 PONTIAC GTO HISTORY: The level of success achieved by the GTO in 1964 was beyond imagination for GM and its rivals. 1966 had even better news for the Pontiac GTO. America’s hot favorite muscle car was now a full-fledged model rather than an option. Some major styling changes were made. Instead of an angular look, the 1966 Pontiac GTO flaunted seductive contours. The body style was famously known as the coke bottle Style. Other than these curves, most of the changes were apparent on the rear end rather than the front. The tail-lights featured a louvered cover. This feature remains exclusive to the GTO.

The 1966 Pontiac GTO was also the first car to replace the aluminum grille with plastic mesh-pattern inserts. Other dimensional factors such as the wheel base, curb weight and length were largely unchanged. The 1966 GTO was similar to the 1965 GTO in many ways, but it was a completely different car from the Tempest and LeMans. The interior also received an overhaul. The new GTO came with comfortable Strato bucket seats with higher and thinner seat backs. Also available as an option were contoured cushions and adjustable headrests. The instrument panel was also redesigned to facilitate integration and ease of use.

COMPETITION: For two years, the Pontiac GTO remained in furious competition with the giants such as Ford’s Mustang, Chevrolet’s Chevelle and Oldsmobile’s 4-4-2. In 1966, Dodge Charger emerged as a strong new contender. Before anyone could judge it on its performance, the car mesmerized everyone with its look. As the battleground became shaky for Ford and Chevy, Pontiac GTO remained standing with its head held high. It remained more popular than the Dodge and set and undisputed sales record for a muscle car.

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