Sunday 27th November 2022,
My Sick Ride

AnGie-k Peace – Filmmaker with a Mission


Actress/model Angie Kennedy, known as AnGie-k Peace, is a strong presence in her native country, South Africa – and plans to bring her unique beauty and talent to Los Angeles in 2014.

She was brought to our attention by one of our friends, Bob Rivenbark – a local Los Angeles Writer and Director who shares our passion for cars and will be working with Angie on some upcoming projects. He introduced us by sending us a photograph of AnGie-K with a fabulous Ferrari F430 and we were immediately smitten! Bob assures us that down the road we may even be able to work one of our sick rides into one of his movies – stay tuned!!

For now, please watch and enjoy one Angie’s short films here – Regression – it is hauntingly wonderful! AnGie-k is also an art photographer (see her FB page). Plus, as a writer, director, and producer of documentaries about the green movement, Angie describes herself  as “a filmmaker with a mission to heal the world through films that are entertaining and informative, reaching a global market and making a global change.”

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